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New Pet

This is pretty much what I think youngens keep in mind when they get their first pet.

Hope you enjoyed.










Oh Billy, you look so small right there…

Superman’s sheer anger over Billy Batson’s situation is a sight to behold. Batman and Robin get away with it because he knows it’s the world’s best internship and that Bruce is willing to put out all the stops to protect him. But Billy? He doesn’t have anyone looking out for him. And that pisses off Superman more than anything.

Seriously, Clark’s face here

He is ready to kick the ass of whoever put this boy in this situation SO HARD

Next page he really lets the Wizard Shazam have it.

Shit, son. I might have to buy this book for those last two panels alone.

When Superman is written well he is an amazing goddamned character.

these few pages are some of my favourite in comic book history. So good. For anyone wondering what the next few pages look like, here you go:







This is a bigger deal than some of you might think, because Superman is one of the heroes in the DC Universe who keeps his secret identity pretty damn secret, because as probably the most powerful and influential person on earth, a lot of people do not wish him well - and would jump at the chance to hold people dear to him as leverage.

Yet, he trusts this poor, scared little kid. To comfort him, and entrust him with his biggest secret - just as Billy did for him.

Superman is just really important, ok?

this for people to truly understand superman




I’m aiming at beginning at 8pm Swedish time (+1GTM, in about 3 hours~) and then keep going for as long as I can stay awake kinda X3 

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requested!! its just some stuff ive learned idk dont trust me too much, i had the parts for this laying around for days and was too lazy to put text on it i also added a collage of some chests ive done last minute

STREAM- IS- ON!!! 8D Come join me!

Come join me!

Livestream in two and a half hour,  11pm +1GTM!!!

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SHEIL IS STREAMING!!! GO THERE!!! Especially if you like the anime Free! 8D

Live life like YOU want to!

English text after this~

Jag såg just klart på Dead Poets Society, en film jag STARKT rekommenderar alla att se!

Filmen säger, gå emot strömmen, våga vara annorlunda, våga vara dig själv. Gör med ditt liv det DU vill och inte vad omvärlden vill, oavsett om det är vänner eller familj. Trampa inte ner andra, men följ dina egna drömmar.

Detta är någonting jag själv alltid har levt efter och har blivit uppmuntrad att leva efter under min uppväxt och jag vill verkligen att alla skall göra sitt yttersta för att göra detta själva.

Ta reda på vad du själv vill med ditt liv och gör ditt yttersta för att uppnå detta. Det kan ta tid att nå ditt mål och vägen kan kantas med en mängd motgångar, men ge aldrig upp på det, fortsätt att sträva framåt mot din egen lycka.

Lev det liv du vill leva! Jenni out.

And now the English version.

I just finished watching the movie Dead Poets Society, a movie I STRONGLY recommend everyone to see!

The movie say, go against the current, dare to be different, dare to be yourself. Do with your life what YOU want and not what the world wants, no matter if it’s friends or family. Don’t step on others but follow your own dreams.

This is something I’ve always lived after and have been encouraged to live after throughout my childhood and I really want everyone to do whatever they can to live after this themselves.

Find out what you want to do with your life and do whatever you can to reach this goal. It may take some time to reach this goal and the road may be paved with hardships, but never give up and keep fighting to move forward to gain  your own happiness.

Live the life you want to live! Jenni out.

Fou La sketch by Luna-JMS

Decided to draw Fou La, a lizard gal from Vortex (, before going to bed and here she is! 

Now g&#8217;night!

Fou La sketch by Luna-JMS

Decided to draw Fou La, a lizard gal from Vortex (, before going to bed and here she is!

Now g’night!